Welcome to Avarice

Welcome to the one-stop shop for documentation on Avarice.

What is Avarice?

Avarice was/is developed by Ouroboros Creations, which was founded by a small group of seniors at Champlain College. It is a four-player online or local couch competitive game,in which players compete to collect as much as they can. To collect (points), they must find Greed to become the embodiment of Greed and destroy the world around them. If someone else is already embodying Greed, the three other players must work together to take them down.

Backlog of docs to write

  • overview of the gameplay loop
  • Making a level
    • player spawns & tags
    • greed gem spawns & tags
  • how does networking work?
  • YOGURT & using it
  • main menu flow
  • pause menu flow
  • flow of other menus & how they work
  • ui: keybindings menu (control mapping)
  • ui: analytics opt-in system